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Classic Design Elements For a Timeless Home

Classic Design Elements for a Timeless Home

It seems as though we are always trying to keep up with the latest trend or fad. This can be difficult (and expensive) when it comes to updating your own home. No one wants to spend thousands of dollars on a home renovation just to walk in a couple years down the road and have it feel outdated and out of style. Here are some classic design elements for creating a timeless home that will stretch your dollar for years to come.

Think of Your Home Like a Canvas

Artists have been creating beautiful works of art on canvases for hundreds of thousands of years through changes in style, technique, and composition. Think of your home as a canvas. Neutral colors such as white, grey and beige are noted for being traditional and a great complement to any accent color or trend you might be playing with at the moment. Clean lines are another great design element to keep your home looking timeless.

Use Trendy Accents

Of course, we all want to be on trend when it comes to the overall look of our home. However, a total home renovation every couple of years is exhausting. Instead, focus on the smaller elements of your home to highlight trends. For example, cabinet knobs, pillows and light fixtures are all great ways to keep up with home decor fads while still being easy and inexpensive to replace.

Think Functionality

Functional homes will always withstand the test of time. When it comes time to sit down with your custom home builder, be sure to keep functionality top of mind. This will limit all future renovations to design only – rather than knocking down walls. When it comes to your next home renovation think basics, accents and functionality and you’ll create a home that lasts a lifetime. Contact Carson Custom Homes to build the timeless home of your dreams.

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