French country homes provide a sense of warmth and belonging to their owners. With soft lines and stonework encasing the exterior, and wooden beams, plaster walls and stone floors lining the interior, homeowners get the best of both the farmhouse and estate designs.

But before you can design a French country style home, you need to learn the history behind it in order to exhibit the style as best as possible!

Originating in France during the 1600s, a movement was spearheaded by King Louis XIV to make France the leader of style around the world. He wanted this design to have a refined taste, with distressed wooden features, stucco-like and stone exterior walls, and vibrantly painted shutters. As more and more people who lived in simple country homes sought for the design, they adapted it to fit the needs of everyday life. That created the French country design – high class but also relaxed enough to enjoy.

Exterior Details

“Provence” colors, such as natural, rich blues, yellows, dark reds, warm browns and greys, coat the outside, which is usually stone or brick. Roofs are made of tall peaks and windows arch or curve with shutters along the outside in perfect symmetry to other windows above or below. The door should be a color that sticks out against the stone or brick of the house but sticks to the earthy color palette.

Interior Details

The inside resembles a farmhouse structure, with wooden beams stretched across the ceiling and tall casement windows. The walls are made of smooth plaster with warm, calm colors and a wooden or limestone tile floor design. As a centerpiece in the living room, an oversized mantel stands tall, creating a high-class elegance to the rustic farmhouse look.

Although French country style homes sometimes resemble Victorian-style homes, the French homes maintain symmetry and warm, welcoming colors. French country architecture provides large living spaces to relax and enjoy family time while also making it feel like you’re living in an old estate. For home design questions and options, call Carson Custom Homes today!

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