Hacienda architecture is becoming more popular in the United States, branching out from the west coast. This style of home holds many unique characteristics that developed during the early colonization of North and South America and stuck around until it gained traction in the 1920s.

Where can you find Hacienda style Homes?

California and Florida are the two main states this style can be found. Known for its curves, arches, white stucco exterior, painted tile walkways, and terracotta roofing, these houses line the western coast of California and have for just over 100 years now.

Hacienda Characteristics

Hacienda style homes express a rugged, romantic beauty with their unique characteristics mentioned above. The problem with trying to create this style on your own is that it can seem somewhat imaginative.

Choosing such vibrant, decorated tile for your walkway can seem a bit outlandish at first, especially if you are not fond of bright colors. However, once you stucco the outside of the house, everything comes together to create part of your hacienda-style home.


The harder part of creating a hacienda home is the architecture. One of the main features of these homes is the arches. Without this defining feature, the home wouldn’t be considered a hacienda style. Your best bet is to hire a contractor or custom home builder to update your home to the style of your liking.


Just like every home, there are pros and cons to having a style-specific house. Hacienda homes have a large market for resale because they are aesthetically pleasing. However, these homes usually have stairs leading up to the house, as well as inside, creating potential mobility limitations.

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