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Throughout the years, we have seen the popularity of many different home styles, from the classic architectural styles studied in college to the modern takes on some of those styles like “Modern Ranch” or “Modern Farmhouse”. We have had the pleasure of working on many of these styles including Ranch, Tudor, Federal, traditional Farmhouse, and Craftsman.

Currently, we are finishing an extensive remodel that not only underwent a change of floor plan but a change of style as well. This house has been transformed from an English Tudor to a Romanesque Revival. While we love the diversity of architecture in our area, we truly enjoy building our signature style which we call “Rustic Elegance”.

Rustic Elegance is a blend of many styles of architecture. We will lay it out from top to bottom below…

The Roof

With this home, you will find many different roof lines. Some hips, a few gables and low-pitched sheds create a complex, but pleasing style with many points of interest. You may also find a dormer or two and second story or attic walls above roof lines. Galvalume Standing Seam is a favorite with this house.

The Exterior

This is where we really think this home shines. First, throw the rules out the window. The exterior can be just about anything. From rustic barn wood to stone or stucco, the key to “Rustic Elegance” is a marriage of different styles to include usually 3 different materials such as Stone (as a wainscot), Stucco, and Brick (for trims and accent walls), and heavy wood beams for that timber-framed look.

Between the roof and the exterior, this home drips with curb appeal and appeals to the masses with the clean lines and smooth surfaces provided by stucco, along with that rough, rustic use of timber. There is a little something in it for everyone.

We can also skew that one way or the other with material selection. Smooth stone will tip toward elegance and rough stone and tumbled, or handmade brick will tip toward rustic. For families that enjoy more of that rustic look, we can design and accent the walls in a way that looks like multiple houses or buildings were cobbled together fantastically to make one huge home.

The Interior

Moving inside, the key remains the same. Marriage of materials… Bring the outside in to provide accents. Same principles apply with regards to selections to suit your taste. Whether your motif is a fishing lodge in Colorado or stately spaces like the White House, your selections and furnishings will pull it off.

You would be surprised by how well the contrast of farmhouse shiplap and clean superb craftsmanship of a cased opening comes together to create an interesting focal point. A mix of high barreled, groin-vaulted, or stepped ceilings adds a touch of flair. Arches and columns can bring in a little elegance. Beams or open trusses can add interest to any room. From one room to the next, you must wonder what’s around the next corner.

Early on, when we began building this style of home, the Tuscan theme was very popular. We have found recently that this style fits very well with the recent revival of Farmhouse architecture and the “grayscapes” that typically accompany that style.

Many families have differing tastes within the family, and Rustic Elegance is, in our opinion, the perfect way to blend those tastes and create a unique look that is all your own.

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