You’re ready to make a move – your house is getting too cramped, and the grass seems so much greener on the other side of the city. You may be antsy to get started on building your new home, but you need to consider the timing for your construction.

There are many different factors that come into play when building a house. Read below to find out when is the best time to build a house in Texas.

Consider the Season

The weather has a huge impact on home construction. Texas is blessed with mild winters, but the state still experiences cold, wet weather in some of the winter months. Additionally, the summers can experience heat waves, which can make construction difficult.

You generally want to start your construction when the weather is cool and dry. If you start in autumn, you will be starting your construction in mild weather and your foundation will be built before there are any potential ground freezes. I

f you start in the summer, your contractors will have time to get exterior construction done before there are any freezes, but hot weather may delay work on your home. You will need to meet with your contractor to discuss which season will work better for your particular building needs.

Consider the Cost

Even if you’ve just won the lottery, you will still want to consider the most cost-effective time to build a house.

Building in summer may seem ideal because of the weather, but prices will be much higher because of increased building demand. Your home will be built faster, but you will have to pay more for materials.

If you are not concerned with building speed and want to save money, consider starting your build in the fall or winter. Fall is the off-season for contractors, so you will be able to take advantage of potentially lower prices. However, you will have to prepare for building delays and a longer build time.

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