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All About Our Signature Style, “Rustic Elegance”

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Throughout the years, we have seen the popularity of many different home styles, from the classic architectural styles studied in college to the modern takes on some of those styles like “Modern Ranch” or “Modern Farmhouse”. We have had the pleasure of working on many of these styles including Ranch, Tudor, Federal, traditional Farmhouse, and Craftsman.

Currently, we are finishing an extensive remodel that not only underwent a change of floor plan but a change of style as well. This house has been transformed from an English Tudor to a Romanesque Revival. While we love the diversity of architecture in our area, we truly enjoy building our signature style which we call “Rustic Elegance”.

Rustic Elegance is a blend of many styles of architecture. We will lay it out from top to bottom below…

The Roof

With this home, you will find many different roof lines. Some hips, a few gables and low-pitched sheds create a complex, but pleasing style with many points of interest. You may also find a dormer or two and second story or attic walls above roof lines. Galvalume Standing Seam is a favorite with this house.

The Exterior

This is where we really think this home shines. First, throw the rules out the window. The exterior can be just about anything. From rustic barn wood to stone or stucco, the key to “Rustic Elegance” is a marriage of different styles to include usually 3 different materials such as Stone (as a wainscot), Stucco, and Brick (for trims and accent walls), and heavy wood beams for that timber-framed look.

Between the roof and the exterior, this home drips with curb appeal and appeals to the masses with the clean lines and smooth surfaces provided by stucco, along with that rough, rustic use of timber. There is a little something in it for everyone.

We can also skew that one way or the other with material selection. Smooth stone will tip toward elegance and rough stone and tumbled, or handmade brick will tip toward rustic. For families that enjoy more of that rustic look, we can design and accent the walls in a way that looks like multiple houses or buildings were cobbled together fantastically to make one huge home.

The Interior

Moving inside, the key remains the same. Marriage of materials… Bring the outside in to provide accents. Same principles apply with regards to selections to suit your taste. Whether your motif is a fishing lodge in Colorado or stately spaces like the White House, your selections and furnishings will pull it off.

You would be surprised by how well the contrast of farmhouse shiplap and clean superb craftsmanship of a cased opening comes together to create an interesting focal point. A mix of high barreled, groin-vaulted, or stepped ceilings adds a touch of flair. Arches and columns can bring in a little elegance. Beams or open trusses can add interest to any room. From one room to the next, you must wonder what’s around the next corner.

Early on, when we began building this style of home, the Tuscan theme was very popular. We have found recently that this style fits very well with the recent revival of Farmhouse architecture and the “grayscapes” that typically accompany that style.

Many families have differing tastes within the family, and Rustic Elegance is, in our opinion, the perfect way to blend those tastes and create a unique look that is all your own.

Interested in using our Rustic Elegance style for your custom home? Call us to set up an initial appointment and meet our home builders.


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Home Design Series: What is French Country Architecture?

French country homes provide a sense of warmth and belonging to their owners. With soft lines and stonework encasing the exterior, and wooden beams, plaster walls and stone floors lining the interior, homeowners get the best of both the farmhouse and estate designs.

But before you can design a French country style home, you need to learn the history behind it in order to exhibit the style as best as possible!

Originating in France during the 1600s, a movement was spearheaded by King Louis XIV to make France the leader of style around the world. He wanted this design to have a refined taste, with distressed wooden features, stucco-like and stone exterior walls, and vibrantly painted shutters. As more and more people who lived in simple country homes sought for the design, they adapted it to fit the needs of everyday life. That created the French country design – high class but also relaxed enough to enjoy.

Exterior Details

“Provence” colors, such as natural, rich blues, yellows, dark reds, warm browns and greys, coat the outside, which is usually stone or brick. Roofs are made of tall peaks and windows arch or curve with shutters along the outside in perfect symmetry to other windows above or below. The door should be a color that sticks out against the stone or brick of the house but sticks to the earthy color palette.

Interior Details

The inside resembles a farmhouse structure, with wooden beams stretched across the ceiling and tall casement windows. The walls are made of smooth plaster with warm, calm colors and a wooden or limestone tile floor design. As a centerpiece in the living room, an oversized mantel stands tall, creating a high-class elegance to the rustic farmhouse look.

Although French country style homes sometimes resemble Victorian-style homes, the French homes maintain symmetry and warm, welcoming colors. French country architecture provides large living spaces to relax and enjoy family time while also making it feel like you’re living in an old estate. For home design questions and options, call Carson Custom Homes today!

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Home Design Series: What is Hacienda House Architecture? 

Hacienda architecture is becoming more popular in the United States, branching out from the west coast. This style of home holds many unique characteristics that developed during the early colonization of North and South America and stuck around until it gained traction in the 1920s.

Where can you find Hacienda style Homes?

California and Florida are the two main states this style can be found. Known for its curves, arches, white stucco exterior, painted tile walkways, and terracotta roofing, these houses line the western coast of California and have for just over 100 years now.

Hacienda Characteristics

Hacienda style homes express a rugged, romantic beauty with their unique characteristics mentioned above. The problem with trying to create this style on your own is that it can seem somewhat imaginative.

Choosing such vibrant, decorated tile for your walkway can seem a bit outlandish at first, especially if you are not fond of bright colors. However, once you stucco the outside of the house, everything comes together to create part of your hacienda-style home.


The harder part of creating a hacienda home is the architecture. One of the main features of these homes is the arches. Without this defining feature, the home wouldn’t be considered a hacienda style. Your best bet is to hire a contractor or custom home builder to update your home to the style of your liking.


Just like every home, there are pros and cons to having a style-specific house. Hacienda homes have a large market for resale because they are aesthetically pleasing. However, these homes usually have stairs leading up to the house, as well as inside, creating potential mobility limitations.

Carson Custom Homes offers a variety of different floor plans, exterior and interior designs, and can create a home that fits the exact vision you have. Call us today to get started.

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Why You Should Invest in Energy-Efficient Architectural Design

More so now than ever it is important that we focus on energy efficiency and sustainability in as many aspects of our lives as possible. Eco-friendly construction design focuses on reducing the amount of energy needed to heat, cool, ventilate and light a home or building for the duration of its life. Whether you live in an urban or rural area, investing in sustainable, green design architecture will benefit both you and our environment. Continue reading to learn a few reasons why you should invest in energy-efficient architecture.

It Creates a Healthier Environment Inside the Home

Keeping your family safe and healthy includes providing them with a home that benefits their physical well-being. A home built with green design is constructed to control the flow of air and reduce heat and moisture. Having more efficient windows and doors and a high-efficiency HVAC system increases the quality of your air, making it safer for your family.

It’s Better for Our Outdoor Environment

Lowering the amount of energy used in your home directly reduces the amount of gasses and emissions released by power plants. Since electricity is made by burning natural resources, the fumes released in doing so are harmful to our environment. By investing in eco-friendly construction, you will directly decrease your carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier environment.

It’s More Cost-Efficient Over Time

Having a home that works efficiently overall is also more cost-effective. A home designed to reduce the amount of energy used will directly lower your monthly energy bills and benefit the environment in the meantime. In addition, investing in sustainable architecture will prolong the life of your home and increase its value in the event that you decide to place it on the market.

It Increases the Efficiency of Your Appliances

Green design also increases the lifespan of your appliances. If your home is eco-friendly, your appliances won’t have to work as hard to get their job done. Choosing energy-efficient appliances to fill your home with will only increase their lifespan and sustainability more. Grow your green thumb and reduce your carbon footprint by investing in eco-friendly construction. Contact us at Carson Custom Homes to learn more about energy-efficient architecture or to start your building process. Contact us today to schedule your free interview with one of our home building experts.

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Home Design Series: What is Farmhouse Architecture?

Let’s talk about an architectural design that is sweeping the south. We want to give you the history, style characteristics and much more that define farmhouse design.

History of the Farmhouse

The farmhouse originated out of function. Just as it sounds, these homes were built on agricultural land. Their function was to provide shelter for those who worked on the farm. The first, original farmhouses date all the way back to the early 1700s. Functionally, these homes are built to be practical for their residents.

Key Characteristics of Farmhouse Architecture

  • Practical Porches: by practical, we don’t mean small. Farmhouses are known for having grandiose porches. However, these large porches aren’t just for looks. One of the farmhouse trademarks is having porches that are functional extensions of the house. For example, a place for your kids to leave their muddy shoes.
  • Rural Locations: It is uncommon to find a farmhouse in the middle of a city. Farmhouses are known for being located in rural locations with lots of space, such as in the Texas Hill Country.
  • Transitional Spaces: Going back to the farmhouse’s traditional roots, one of the key design elements of the home is to have the formal spaces like the kitchen and living room in the front of the house and the bedrooms and bathrooms in the back or off toward the sides.

Remodeling a Farmhouse

One of the biggest problems when it comes to remodeling a historic farmhouse is the structural challenges – for example, redoing the roof, gutters and downspouts. However, we suggest consulting a licensed contractor to ensure the structural integrity of your home is maintained while adding your desired updates. With the “modern farmhouse” being all the rage at the moment, Carson Custom Homes is perfectly suited to help you get the house of your dreams.

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Home Design Series: What is Ranch House Architecture?

A ranch-style home can be easy to spot. This type of home design comes equipped with a long history and specific design elements that make it what it is. With the first boom of ranch houses being built in the 1930s, post-WWII, they started to dwindle in popularity in the late 1980s and early 1990s. However, today the style is starting to rise in popularity once again, so you’ve probably seen a ranch house or two around your area. But do you know what truly makes it a ranch house?

Elements of the Ranch House

1. Single-floor plan

In a ranch style home, this is the piece of the architecture that probably sticks out the most to you. The long, single-floor homes are still filled with the elements of a traditional home in terms of rooms – a kitchen, dining room, living room, bedrooms and bathrooms. But in this case, they all share the same floor.

2. Asymmetrical Design

Traditionally, most ranch-style homes have a similar layout or design. The asymmetrical design of the home is constructed as either an ‘L’ or a ‘U’ shape if you were able to see it from a birds-eye-view. The front of the home is built horizontally and facing the street.

3. Focus on the outdoors

One of the biggest reason these homes were once so popular, and are now growing in popularity once again, is because of the emphasis on the outdoors. Ranch style homes were designed to incorporate indoor and outdoor living as one, with a big focus on the backyard. In the past, the emphasis would be on the front porch. Over time, it has shifted to the backyard to create a private living space. If you think the ranch architecture is right for you, call Carson Custom Homes today and let us build your dream home.

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Designing Your Hill Country Kitchen

Designing Your Hill Country Kitchen

Designing the perfect kitchen in your home can be tough. From picking out flooring, countertops and accent pieces, there can be a lot of options to choose from. Keep reading to get some tips for your perfect Hill Country kitchen.

Bring in the outside

A classic Hill Country kitchen reflects the Hill Country itself – so bringing in the surrounding outdoors is the best way to create the look you’re going for. To bring in the outdoors, look for items like these to add to your kitchen:
  • Choose a wood tone from your area and use it for cabinets or exposed beams
  • Pick a stone finish for your countertops that reflects your area
  • Stick with a rustic color palette (light blues, yellows and oranges)
  • Go with natural finishes over glossy ones

Keep the lighting natural

What better way to bring the outside indoors than by being able to really see the outdoors? Your Hill Country kitchen should be filled with natural light and big windows. Adding your own light fixtures is good for extra lighting, but be sure that the fixtures aren’t too modern. Sticking with rustic accents for your lighting is the way to go.

Add simple furniture

A house is a house because of its structure, but it becomes a home because of what you make it to be. Adding simple furniture can be a good way to tie in the whole kitchen. A large kitchen table with a simple build is part of a classic, rustic design. And of course, a wood table is always recommended.

Make it cozy

Finish off your perfect Hill Country kitchen by adding all the personal touches that will make your home cozy and welcoming – just like the Hill Country makes most people feel. Seating with soft cushions and reducing excess clutter will go a long way in making your kitchen a more cozy place to spend time with family and friends.

Remodeling your existing kitchen

If you aren’t starting a new build, but you want the perfect Hill Country kitchen, consider a total kitchen remodel. Remodeling allows you to give your entire kitchen a makeover that is in tune with your tastes and desired style. It’s a great opportunity for installing new and improved kitchen appliances, and to make cosmetic changes to kitchen features like countertops and cabinets. A total remodel is a great way to boost your home value and will turn your kitchen into the heart of the home. If you’re feeling inspired and ready to design your perfect Hill Country kitchen, call Carson Custom Homes. Our team will help you bring your dream home to life!
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Classic Design Elements For a Timeless Home

Classic Design Elements for a Timeless Home

It seems as though we are always trying to keep up with the latest trend or fad. This can be difficult (and expensive) when it comes to updating your own home. No one wants to spend thousands of dollars on a home renovation just to walk in a couple years down the road and have it feel outdated and out of style. Here are some classic design elements for creating a timeless home that will stretch your dollar for years to come.

Think of Your Home Like a Canvas

Artists have been creating beautiful works of art on canvases for hundreds of thousands of years through changes in style, technique, and composition. Think of your home as a canvas. Neutral colors such as white, grey and beige are noted for being traditional and a great complement to any accent color or trend you might be playing with at the moment. Clean lines are another great design element to keep your home looking timeless.

Use Trendy Accents

Of course, we all want to be on trend when it comes to the overall look of our home. However, a total home renovation every couple of years is exhausting. Instead, focus on the smaller elements of your home to highlight trends. For example, cabinet knobs, pillows and light fixtures are all great ways to keep up with home decor fads while still being easy and inexpensive to replace.

Think Functionality

Functional homes will always withstand the test of time. When it comes time to sit down with your custom home builder, be sure to keep functionality top of mind. This will limit all future renovations to design only – rather than knocking down walls. When it comes to your next home renovation think basics, accents and functionality and you’ll create a home that lasts a lifetime. Contact Carson Custom Homes to build the timeless home of your dreams.

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